Merril Griswold


March 22, 1993 (age 16)

Place of birth

Pecharoff, Ainswurth


No information



Hair color


Eye color




Current residence

Harick, Ainswurth

Family members

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Merril Griswold (b. 1993) was born in Pecharoff, Ainswurth to Bonnie Lanse and Tomas Griswold. He attended Pecharoff School from ages 5-12, and then was accepted to Harick School for Boys.

Loves, Hates, Fears Edit

Merril loves: running, history, girlsies, stormy weather.

He hates: math, bossy adults, snow

He fears: wasps, being crushed

Personality Edit

Summary Edit

He is impatient, unfaithful, often rash, and does not always keep promises. He is upbeat and has a good sense of humor. He hates waiting and having nothing to say.

Views on Love and Death Edit

He tries to act like he thinks of love as a strictly physical thing but when he really loves someone he really puts his heart into getting the relationship even if he doesn't appear to... he'll be thinking about the person constantly until he 'wins' them. When he is in a relationship, he is a good boyfriend but nothing special. He has not witnessed very much death but his views on it are pretty simple. He is agnostic.

Reputation Edit

Among the girls, they kind of fawn over him, but are still wary of his unfaithfulness. The other boys think he's cool.

Habits and Quirks Edit

Merril picks at his fingernails when bored. He has a scar on his upper arm from falling out of a tree as a kid and hitting a sharp rock. He squints when trying to remember things.

Relationships Edit

Emlin Edit

Emlin Merryweather is Merril's best friend.

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