Gideon Nethersole


October 12, 1993 (age 15)

Place of birth

Mullgrove, Glosswell





Hair color

Coppery blonde

Eye color



Fair, freckled

Current residence

Harick, Ainswurth

Family members

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Gideon Nethersole (b. 1993) was born in Mullgrove, Glosswell to Doralyn Alwood and Gabriel Nethersole. He attended the Mullgrove Academy for Young Boys and Girls from ages 6-12, and then was accepted to Harick School for Boys.

Loves, Hates, Fears Edit

Gideon loves: rain, dandelions, figuring things out

He hates: horses, being used, freckles, condescending adults (and kids)

He fears: rejection, open water

Hobbies Edit

Gideon enjoys reading and identifying birds.

Personality Edit

Summary Edit

He is generally happy, light, and fluffy. He talks a little much and lies when he wants to impress people. He gets dangerously dependent on people he loves. He is shy and gentle.

Views on Love and Death Edit

He is something of a dreamer even if he denies this. Gideon wants to believe in love but has had poor experience in the past with it. He has the idea that each person has one soul mate and only one. He feels if you pass up your opportunity with this person, there will be no true love for you. Gideon does not enjoy the topic of death but his thoughts often dwell on it. He is not sure of what he thinks and is trying to find a view style that fits his views. He thinks people are reincarnated and anything you did in your past life will be done to you in your next life. (So if you punch someone, someone will punch you. If you defend someone, someone will defend you.)

Reputation Edit

People like him but he is also often taken advantage of because he has trouble refusing offers. No one especially dislikes him and he is known to be a good person. He is often perceived as impossibly or surprisingly gentle (he is very much a pacifist) and people have trouble disliking him.

Habits and Quirks Edit

Turns his feet inward and drives his toe into the ground when nervous.

Relationships Edit

Emlin Edit

Emlin Merryweather is one of Gideon's friends.

Merril Edit

Merril Griswold often teases Gideon. They get along on most occasions.

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