Emlin August Merryweather


December 6, 1993 (age 15)

Place of birth

Desdirona, Castleton





Hair color


Eye color

Light grey



Current residence

Harick, Ainswurth

Family members

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Emlin Merryweather (b. 1993) was born in Desdirona, Castleton to Cordelia Burdon and Britton Merryweather. He attended the Preparation School of Castleton from ages 7-12, and then was accepted to Harick School for Boys.

Loves, Hates, Fears Edit

Emlin loves: sailboats, oceans, cats, reading.

He hates: mathematics, girls who don't think (he hates to love them actually), stupid boys, violin

He fears: abandonment, being trapped, dragonflies, broken glass

Hobbies Edit

He enjoys solving old riddles, violin, reading, and making people uncomfortable.

Personality Edit

Summary Edit

He is cynical! Often cowardly, he is a good person underneath it all. He has a bit of a dreamer within him but it has been covered up by layers of cynicism that life tossed at him. He gets dangerously dependent to some people (not intentionally).

Views on Love and Death Edit

He wants to believe in "true love" but has developed a cynical view of love (he used to be a total idealist). Regardless, he is still trying to find his "soul mate". He thinks "love at first sight" is ridiculous. Has had several relationships with girls and is curious about boys but has not found the courage and is rather waiting for a half-drunken truth-or-dare type game to come up as an excuse. He is afraid of death but has thought now and then about suicide in a not-very-concerning way. He is curious about what happens after death. He hopes there is a heaven but does not believe in one. He thinks that people, after dying, must find a way to be forgiven for any sins they committed before they can rest.

Reputation Edit

People have varying opinions about him. A lot of people dislike him somewhat. He was picked on as a child but now that he is taller, people have shut up. He has also become more confident and that silences them. People talk about him behind his back because he is kind of a bastard when he's in a bad mood. Girls think he's fairly attractive but know him to be a bad guy because he can't hold a relationship for long. He has a couple of friends but no certain best friend that he is especially close to.

Habits and Quirks Edit

He presses his hands together unconsciously (clapping, rubbing hands, etc.).

Relationships Edit

Merril Edit

Merril Griswold is Emlin's friend. Probably his best friend in the group but they are not BIFFLES or anything. Emlin is jealous of his hair.

Gideon Edit

Gideon Nethersole is one of Emlin's friends. He tends to boss him around a little.

Silas Edit

Silas Broussard and Emlin get along. They are not chummy enough that they would really hang out by themselves but as a group they get along fairly well.

Hope Edit

Hope Mockett is Emlin's most recent love interest. She attends Harick School for Girls and they didn't see each other much to begin with. Emlin unofficially ended the relationship by ignoring her and Hope had the final say in it.

Lenora Edit

Lenora Fielding is Emlin's only female friend. She is Merril's girlfriend and, therefore, off limits.

Claudette Edit

Claudette Welleer was Emlin's first "girlfriend". She was his cousin's friend's sister. She lives in Turlen, Ainswurth and he hasn't seen her since the summer they were together. They didn't "do anything" because he was 11 at the time. His cousin and her sister would go off and hang out and they were left to entertain themselves. Emlin thought it would be cool to ask her to be his girlfriend and she was like "whatever, sure. We have nothing better to do."

Mother Edit

Cordelia Merryweather, his mother, did not get along poorly or well when Emlin lived with her. Now they are a happy little family whenever he visits.

Father Edit

Britton Merryweather, his father, was pretty much absent from Emlin's childhood.

Lews, Eudora, and Aurelia Messing Edit

He doesn't visit his relatives much anymore. He and his uncle used to go sailing.

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