Adeliss Bethel


May 24, 1994 (age 15)

Place of birth

Shorley, Castleton


Addie, Adele



Hair color


Eye color




Current residence

Harick, Ainswurth

Family members

No information

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Adeliss Bethel (b. 1994) was born in Shorley, Castleton. She attended Shorley School for Girls from ages 7-12, and then was accepted to Harick School for Girls.

Loves, Hates, Fears Edit

Adeliss loves: moonlight, putting her feet in a stream on a hot day (or a cool day… you know… just in general), looking nice, picking berries

She hates: wasps, thorns, getting her clothes dirty right after washing them

She fears: people thinking her ideas are stupid, people getting mad at her, wasps

Hobbies Edit

Adeliss enjoys braiding daisy chains.

Personality Edit

Summary Edit

Adeliss is too dependent and cannot make up her mind on anything. She is very sweet and loving but hates to be used, which often happens to her. She fears the government greatly.

Views on Love and Death Edit

LOVE: she falls in love slowly but it lasts. She has intense crushes. DEATH: very solemn about death. She hates the thought and tries to avoid the topic.

Reputation Edit

The girls love her, the boys don't really know her because she is very distant from them.

Habits and Quirks Edit

Claps hands, shuffles, paces.

Relationships Edit

Gideon Edit

Adeliss has a huge crush on Gideon Nethersole. He doesn't notice her.

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